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Gateway to Spectroscopy

Gateway to Spectroscopy

The Spectroscopy Net is an informal Web site for all aspects of Optical (Atomic) Emission Spectrometry. Those seeking other spectroscopies, in particular we have lots of requests for atomic absorption spectroscopy, might try to come back later again as we constantly work on this site to cover more aspects of Spectrometry. We have opend the The Spectroscopy Net for contributions by the Experienced Researchers and Early Stage Researchers of the Marie Curie RTN Gladnet to give them the possibility of informing the public about their research interests and to get training in writing scientific contributions dedicated to the general public. In particular the participants of the training courses organised by Gladnet are encouraged to write a small topic on the training lectures.

The Spectrocopy Net was designed by Dr Richard Payling to bring emission spectrometry to the web, to support practitioners, and to provide an informal exchange of information. Richard was Manager of Surface Analytical, Consultant to Horiba Jobin-Yvon France and Conjoint Associate Professor of Physics, The University of Newcastle, NSW 2380, Australia.

The world of Light, of Sun and Stars, of Atoms and Chemical Analysis. The Spectroscopy Net is an open, free resource for Spectroscopists everywhere and everyone interested in Atomic Spectroscopy.

History: (300 BC to 1988 AD) light, optics, atomic structure
Theory: atomic spectra, energy levels, emission lines, wavelengths
Techniques: ICP, Spark source, Glow Discharge *
Instruments: diffraction gratings, optical spectrometers, detectors
Workshops: measurement statistics, calibration, analysis
* inductively coupled plasma: ICP-OES, ICP-AES; Spark emission; glow discharge spectroscopy: GD-OES, GDOES, GDOS, GD-AES, GDS, Elemental Depth Profile Analysis and SDL for the French.

There used to be 7 sites which are currently regrouped and restructured to make the information more easily available. The home site where you are now, and 3 external web sites will remain. The Site system is also closely linked to two different research projects funded by the European Comission with in the 6th framework: Elemetal and Molecular Depth Provile Analysis, and Marie Curie RTN GLADNET (Glow Discharge Analytical Spectroscopy Network) Links to the site of these projects are available on the vertical menu bar.

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