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Richard PaylingThe Spectroscopy Net.eu

The Spectroscopy Net and was created by Dr Richard Payling in 1999. Its purpose is to promote knowledge about spectroscopic methods for chemical analysis and about spectroscopy in general.
It has been designed for both people looking for general information and specialists in the field. The Spectroscopy Net therefore contains an educational part with general information on spectroscopy and spectro-chemical methods for analysis, and detailed information on commonly used techniques as well as results of recent development.
We also try to provide information about recent and future events such as training courses, meetings and conferences. The Spectroscopy net also includes the Glow-Discharge.com website offering information on glow discharges for analytical spectroscopy. Please feel encouraged to keep us informed about such events.

Dick Payling blowing the AlphornDr Richard Payling has published widely in the areas of Surface Analysis and Glow Discharge Spectrometry (GDS).  His latest book with Thomas Nelis, Glow Discharge Optical Emission Spectroscopy: A Practical Guide, Royal Society of Chemistry, UK, was published in 2004.
     He was a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Physics and was the Australian National Delegate and Convenor for GDMS in the International Standards Organisation (ISO) Technical Committee 201 on Surface Analysis. He was a Consultant for Horiba Jobin Yvon, France, and for EMPA, Switzerland. His specialist knowledge on glow discharges and his wide industrial and scientifique background made his contribution to both companies very important.
     For 17 years he worked in Industrial R&D for BHP Steel focusing on metal coatings. He is a co-inventor of a process for coating steel coil with levitated molten metal.
     He spent his time equally between Europe and Australia, travelling the world promoting GDS. Many GD-users know him as a patient teacher of this interesting technique. His other interests included computing, reading, films, music and French history, in particular Napoleon Bonaparte,.
     Richard died in a tragic mountaineering accident in february 2004 while he was climbing mountain St Anne in Tasmania.


Thomas NelisThe Glow-Discharge.com and The Spectroscopy Net are now managed by Thomas Nelis, currently working at the university of applied sciences Bern, Switzerland. He will try to maintain this web site in the spirit of his friend Dick, open to all people interested in the subject. Active participation and support in this challenge by other colleagues and friends of Dick is more then welcome. You are clearly invited to send your comments and possibly scientific and educational contributions.