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Lara Lobo Revilla

LaraLara Lobo Revilla has finished her PhD in Chemistry at the University in Oviedo Spain. She spent most her working hours with Tofito, the rf-gd-TOFMS. Tofito is currently subject of a European project EMDPA, Elemental and Molecular Depth Profile Analysis. Lara contributed to the Spectroscopy Net following training organised in Antwerp part of Gladnet activities. Lara, togehter with Karl Preiss summarised the course on Atomic Spectroscopy given by Prof. Edward Steers and made the basic ideas of the course available for the general public. The photo shows Lara meeting a few photons during the experimental session of the training course. She may be more familiar with ions and the speed of the photons when leaving the spectrometer was rather surprising for her.