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Rules for Contributors

  • Send us the text and the pictures and we will do the rest.
  • The text for publication should be sent as Text or HTML or Word files.
  • Graphics may be in any quality graphics file format but will be converted to gif or jpg files before publication, so these formats are preferred.
  • Text and graphics should occupy roughly equal areas on the published page to make them attractive. Pages should be no more than three screens deep.
  • The preferred Script for Active Server Pages is VBscript, though other script languages will be considered.
  • Authors should pay special attention to the copyright of all materials used: text, graphics and script. Authors must have written permission to use all materials covered by the copyright of others.
  • The final version of the page will be returned to the author for approval before publication and the author's name and institution/company name will be included on each page, with an optional link to a web-site or email address.
  • The designer reserves the right to decide on the suitability of any material for publication on the web site.

Like to get in contact with one of the contributors? Send an e-mail to Thomas Nelis he'll transfer it!