Information on EW-GDS has been transferred to EW-GDS.COM.

We only kept some information on the GD-Day, in memory of Dick.

3rd International GD-Day at Horiba Jobin Yvon, Longjumeau, France

Over 50 pariticipants from 17 countries have gathered in HORIBA Jobin Yvon on Friday Sepetember 29th, 2006 for the third international GD-Day. The program this year was centred on plasma deposition characterisation and plasma deposited thin films analysis with rf-GD with presentations by renowned experts and customers. Synergies and complementarities of rf-GD with other techniques have been explored including ellipsometry, Raman, SEM and spectro-electro-chemistrw with ICP. Recent instrument and software developments have been presented by HJY.

The "GD-Day" is open to HJY GD users, it is held every 2 years and offers a unique combination of pratical discussions and perspective aspects about GD.

Patrick Chapon, HJY, Longjumeau, France (02.10.2006)